Project studies

Aiming for a wide range of academic research

The Faculty of Letters has formed a joint research team of faculty members of the Faculty of Letters and is actively engaged in research activities as “project research.” The research team is composed of faculty members from different fields of specialization and works on cutting-edge issues related to the humanities and interdisciplinary themes, aiming for a wide range of interdisciplinary research.

Project research includes long-term projects over several years and single-year projects. Long-term projects are based on the medium-term plan. In the first medium-term plan 2004-2009, three major research projects were organized.


In the second medium-term plan, a research team is organized focusing on three issues. These three major projects will also be organized as single-year projects, and the results will be published as books.

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Single year project

This is a joint project that receives the allocation of discretionary expenses from the director of the department.

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Inquiries regarding project research in the Faculty of Letters should be directed to:

General Affairs Section, Faculty of Letters, Okayama University
3-1-1 Tsushimanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi 700-8530
Phone number: 086-251-7345