Privacy policy

The Faculty of Letters, Okayama University, will comply with the privacy policy of Okayama University with respect to handling your personal information.

Basic Policy

Okayama University (hereafter, “this university”) recognizes that personal information, including that of students, patients, and other students who are enrolled in, taking examinations at, or using this university, is related to the privacy of the individual and strives to appropriately manage it.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

In case you are requested by this university to provide personal information, you will be informed of the purpose of use in advance.

This university handles personal information provided by everyone for education, research, and other activities within the scope of the purpose of use. Further, in case of change in the purpose of use, this will be notified and posted in advance.

Management of Personal Information

To appropriately manage personal information, this university will assign a Protection Administrator and a Protection Person-in-Charge for each section to handle the personal information and will continue to implement educational activities for the employees.

This university shall endeavor to prevent risks of leakage, loss, alteration, and unauthorized intrusion of personal information by taking appropriate safety measures for the acquired personal information.

This university will not provide personal information to third parties unless consent has been obtained in advance. However, it may be provided to third parties without obtaining consent if the following hold true.

  1. Under the provisions of the law.
  2. When it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body, or property, and there are difficulties in obtaining consent from the concerned persons.
  3. 3. When it is necessary to cooperate with a government organization, a local public entity, or a person entrusted by the law to carry out the stipulated business, and obtaining the agreement may interfere with the execution of the business.

In case of providing the personal information obtained to third parties with the need for outsourcing or for other services, this university shall prevent leakage and re-provision by the third parties in accordance with the obligations in the contract with the concerned party.

If you wish to disclose or suspend the use of the personal information provided, this university will comply with the provisions of the law. Please contact the corporate support office.

In addition to complying with the laws and other regulations related to the protection of personal information, this university shall continuously review and improve measures concerning the handling of personal information.
However, this is not the case if the law permits the use of personal information without notification.