Global exchange

Studying overseas

The biggest merit of studying abroad is that you can spend a certain period of time in an environment completely different from Japan while still being a student, and learn while experiencing differences in cultural backgrounds and values. Not only will you gain new knowledge, but it will also be a good opportunity to re-examine Japanese society from a new angle and reaffirm your student life in Japan. Many of the faculty members of the Faculty of Letters have experience in studying abroad, overseas training, and overseas research, so we support students’ overseas experience in various ways.

Study abroad under the Okayama University Short-term Study Abroad Program (EPOK)

EPOK exchange meeting

At Mahidun University in Thailand, a part of EPOK, there was an exchange meeting between international students and those who have studied abroad in Japan

Currently, Okayama University has a student exchange agreement under the one-year short-term study abroad program (EPOK) with 44 partner schools in 13 countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. This exchange agreement allows you to study abroad at universities in these countries with tuition exemptions. If you pay your tuition fee to Okayama University, you will be exempted from the tuition fee of the partner university.

14 people from the Faculty of Letters used this system in 2016-2017, attending California State University (USA), State University of New York Stony Brook University (USA), Arizona State University (USA), South Oregon University (USA), Stony Brook University (UK), South Australia University (Australia), and Seiseikan University (Republic of Korea).

Okayama University Short-term Study Abroad Program (EPOK)

Study abroad under an exchange agreement between departments

In 2017, under the inter-departmental exchange agreement, 4 people studied at Michel de Montagne-Bordeaux 3rd University (France) and 2 people were attended Loule University Beauhum (Germany). We are conducting exchanges with the Free University of Berlin (Germany) And the National Academy of Humanities (Russia). Inter-departmental exchange agreements have been signed with the University of Tria in Germany, the University of Belgrade in Serbia, the University of Chanakale in Turkey, the Tohoku Normal University in China, the Beijing Foreign Language University, Zhongshan University, the National University of the Republic of Korea, and the National Kaohsiung University in Taiwan. Therefore, you can study abroad.

Language training program

Privately funded language training programs include a foreign language acquisition / study abroad program in Chinese (Beijing Language and Culture University) and a German summer school (Tria University, Germany), which are conducted mainly by faculty members of the Faculty of Letters. University- wide programs are available at the University of Adelaide (Australia), Portland State University (USA), Victoria University (Canada), the University of York (UK), Seiseikan University (Korea), Jilin University (China), etc. I am. Several students from the Faculty of Letters also participate every year.

Okayama University Overseas Language Training Program

International exchange on campus

Class scene

Japanese language class for international students

In 2017, 12 international undergraduate students studied at the Faculty of Letters and there were 65 special audit students (exchange students). The countries of origin of international students are diverse, and include China, France, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Turkey.

International students from many more countries are enrolled in the graduate school and, while working hard on specialized research, are deepening exchanges with junior undergraduate students.

International students are enrolled in long-term study and research at the undergraduate and graduate schools, in study of Japanese and Japanese affairs, and in short-term study-abroad programs. Through the university-wide international student support system and the activities of international student volunteers in the Faculty of Letters, a circle of interaction between students is fostered.

Information for Japanese students on studying abroad and meeting international students on campus [Japanese]